Black Button-Up Skirt

4:08:00 PM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

MINI BLACK SKIRT: Zaful  |  TOP: Target  |  SANDALS: Target  |  SUNGLASSES: Zero UV  |  RINGS: Zaful

          I love how versatile this skirt is.  It's just one of those staple items that my closet was missing.  It's going to be really good for fall too.  I should have ordered an extra small because it is a bit too big, but it's fine.  If you order this I think you should size down.  Luckily, I am able to do alterations.  I've also had this top since last summer.  I haven't gotten a chance to wear it this year yet.  
          This will be my last post for a little while.  I'm going to Europe for 10 days and I won't have my computer.  I'm sure I will have lots of fun blog posts to do when I return though.  T.T.F.N.

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