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          Hey guys! I want to talk about Zaful.  I'm sure you know by now, but it's an online clothing store that has a large variety of women's fashion.  They carry super trendy items for everyone's personal style.  Whenever I go on the site, I find so many things that I want.  It's easy to imagine yourself wearing the outfits in different situations.  That's one of my favorite things about shopping.  I just like to style outfits in my head while I shop around, even online.  
          Zaful has a ton of dresses for spring and summer.  There is a huge variety of short summer dresses that are perfect for warmer weather.  I love short dresses because they are so effortless to wear.  You can just throw them on and instantly look cute.  I have linked the above white one because the love the layers.  It's super beach-y and looks kinda boho.  This red gingham one is adorable too.  It would look so cute with a wicker purse.  If you love the gingham look there are several other gingham options here.  Gingham print was super popular last summer and I really think it will still be a trend moving into this summer.  It's just such a cute look.  What I love about gingham is that it's such a timeless print.  It has a permanent place in the fashion industry because it's a common fabric for designers to use to create mock-ups, when sewing.  It's good because of the lines.  It lets you tell when something is uneven or off-grain.  
          Another dress style that I am still seeing around is off-the-shoulder.  I think people are still loving this look because it's so different from regular dress styles.  It looks very feminine and chic.  Zaful has dozens of these dresses.  You can find a red off-the-shoulder dress or many other colors and patterns.  The first two dresses are from this page.  The yellow co-ord is so perfect for some sort of beach vacation or tropical location.  I feel like it would also be really cute to wear to a farmers market or picnic as well.  The same kind of goes for the second dress.  The print is tropical so I think it would be perfect for a vacation or summer.  Spring break is just around the corner so be sure to check out these dresses if you are planning a trip.  
           One more thing that I want to mention is that Zaful has a blog.  If you are looking for fashion inspiration or ways to wear your Zaful clothing be sure to check out the Zaful blog.  There are a lot of different things to read about on the blog.  You can find outfit shots, information about shopping on Zaful, giveaways, topics related to fitness, and so much more.  

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  1. The yellow polka dot outfit is just so fun!


  2. Wow amazing pieces, I love all of them


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