Striped Capri Pants

10:19:00 AM Andrea Ryan 0 Comments

PANTS: Forever 21  |  T-SHIRT: Forever 21  |  SANDALS: H&M (in store)  |  SUNGLASSES: T.J. Maxx
          I've been wearing these pants so much this spring.  I got them a few months ago from Forever 21.  I needed something that I am allowed to wear to work but I have been wearing them everywhere.  These sort of linen colorful pants are super on-trend right now too.  You can find them in most stores, I think.  I love these because the colors are really nice.  They also come with a belt but I didn't wear it with this combo.  
        I spotted this adorable wall art a few weeks ago and knew I really wanted to take a picture here.  I am a sucker for colorful walls.  It's a big Instagram trend that has been going around for a while, but it's one I love.  I just love how much of a statement it makes.  It's fun to match your outfit to the wall.  If you are in need of some photography backdrops for a party, wedding, or just for fun, that is another way to create a nice background.  

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