Daisy Love Marc Jacobs

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Daisy Love Marc Jacobs
          I have already mentioned my love for the new Daily Love perfume by Marc Jacobs in my Spring Favorites post, but I wanted to elaborate on it a bit more.  The original Daisy scent has been my favorite perfume since it came out.  I didn't think anything could top that because the Marc Jacobs scents that have come out since that one weren't as good.  This new one really surprised me because it reminds me a lot of the original but better somehow.  I really love scents that are kind of floral or fruity.  I'm not so much into the more musty scents.  
          I really want to wear Daisy Love when I get married, I've decided. I think it's the perfect scent to go with such a special occasion.  If I don't get around to buying a full size before then I'm going to try to keep this sample.  My wedding is in a little over 10 months.  I got these samples when I was shopping in Santa Monica.  There was a Marc Jacobs event at the Santa Monica Pier.  Sadly, I couldn't go to the event but at least I got the samples.  Anyway, I seriously think that this is the best perfume for women. 

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