Anchor and Stripes

9:18:00 PM Andrea Ryan 4 Comments

H&M top
striped top
anchor patch
casual outfit from H&M
TOP: H&M  |  SHORTS: Zaful  |  SANDALS: Report  |  PURSE: H&M
I found this t-shirt recently at H&M and I wanted to share it.  I love the little gold anchor patch.  I'm sure a lot of my readers already know that I love nautical things.  I just think this top is simple and cute.  It's a good little shirt to thrown on in the summer.  It was super affordable too.  I'm not really sure how much I will be able to wear it when the weather changes.  I don't know how warm or cold it gets in the fall in southern California.  I'm not sure what to expect for fall and I'm really excited about it.  

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