Tweed Transitional Dress

10:37:00 AM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

Long Beach park
Forever 21 sleeveless dress
by the water
tweed dress
tassel purse
palm trees
DRESS: Forever 21  |  SANDALS: H&M  |  SUNGLASSES: Asos  |  PURSE: Forever 21
          Happy first day of fall!!  I feel like this dress is perfect for transitioning into fall because it is sleeveless and short, but dark and tweed.  It's kind of nautical and has a very classic vibe.  The grommets and criss-cross section makes it look for modern and cool.  I really love this dress.  It's the perfect combo of things I love.  It's one of the many items that came from the sale section of Forever 21.  I can't wait to wear it more.  

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