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San Diego Zoo on Halloween

3:18:00 PM Andrea Ryan 0 Comments

You can't tell with this awful lighting but my cotton candy is candy corn colored!
          I haven't had time to create any outfit posts lately because of work and the time change making it dark so early, so I thought I'd talk about the San Diego Zoo.  I visited it last week on Halloween for the first time.  They weren't really doing much to celebrate Halloween, it was just a coincidence that we went that day.  It is such an amazing zoo.  I heard it was supposed to be the best one in the country and that is so true.  Although it is pretty expensive to get in, it's totally worth it.  It's an enormous zoo.  They have every animal you can imagine, it's super clean and well kept, and really fun to walk around.  The way it is laid out is in a hilly area so there are different levels and it feels like you are in a jungle.  There is also an areal tram that you can ride for free.  It takes you from one side to the other.  I will definitely be going back sometime.  If you are planning on visiting San Diego, I suggest you check it out.  

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