My Current Favorite Influencers

12:19:00 PM Andrea Ryan 0 Comments

I don't know if you are looking for any new influencers to follow, but I though I would throw together a list of my current favorites from YouTube, Instagram, and blogs.  Some of these accounts aren't necessarily my favorites, but maybe I am just really enjoying them right now as well.  My list includes all of the categories that I follow.  Most of them are fashion and travel accounts.  I know most of these are really popular but I just wanted to put them together in a list.  Let me know who your favorites are.  Also, I don't read a lot of other blogs.  I'm always looking for new ones.  What are your favorites?

-Flying the Nest
-Fashion Mumblr
-Aspyn Ovard
-Brad & Hailey Devine
-Kendall Rae
-Bryce + Hailey

-Connie and Luna


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