New Blue Jeans at the Korean Friendship Bell

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Los Angeles
H&M top
Striped shirt
Korean Friendship Bell
Sam Edelman Shoes
Asian Style roof
Kancun Jeans
PANTS: Kancun  |  TOP: H&M  |  SHOES: Sam Edelman  |  PURSE: Target  |  SUNGLASSES: Zero UV
          I was shopping at T.J. Maxx the other day for things for my upcoming wedding reception and found these pale sea foam jeans.  I also got two other clothing items, but nothing for the reception.  They were only $12 and happened to fit really well.  I'm so happy about it because I can always use more pants.  These are distressed and have rips in the knees.  I think they are so cool because I've never seen colored jeans that are distressed.  Maybe I have but I've definitely never owned any.  That's what I love about T.J. Maxx, you find the most random things and they all feel special.  
          These photos were taken at the Korean Friendship Bell in Los Angeles.  It's a nice little spot on a hill, overlooking the ocean.  It's pretty peaceful and a good place to take photos.  Also, if you're wondering why I am wearing pants and long sleeves in June, it's because it's cold.  It's been pretty chilly still and hasn't really broken 70 degrees.  I really want the summer weather so I can have beach days.  

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