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Day at 1000 Steps Beach

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Laguna Beach California
Laguna cliff
wave splashing
Denim skirt
zodiac sign t-shirt

casual outfit
beach cave
1000 steps beach
TOP: Zara  |  SKIRT: H&M  |  PURSE: Coach  |  SUNGLASSES: Zero U.V. 
          We spent today (Saturday) at 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna.  Since it's getting later into the summer, the weather is actually starting to get warmer.  We can finally spend some serious time at the beach.  I am seriously in love with Laguna.  I always find myself wanting to go back whenever we have spare time.  I think if I could live anywhere in California, I'd probably live there.   We were looking for a different beach to visit and came across this one on Google Maps.  It's super nice and really huge.  The cliffs that surround it are really tall as well.  Of course this means you have to go down about a million stairs to get there.  It was fine though because it's really unique.  We arrived at about 10am and saw a large pod of dolphins fishing off the coast.  I swear every time I go to Laguna or Newport, I see dolphins!
          I wore my new t-shirt from Zara.  I got it when I went back to the midwest for my wedding reception.  It's from Chicago (which is way better than all of the ones here).  It has embroidered astrological signs on it.  I got a size large because it was the last one so I just tie it up in the front.  I paired it with this denim skirt.  Basically, this outfit is the perfect cute/casual summer outfit.  

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