Vintage Inspired Dresses

2:02:00 PM Andrea Ryan 3 Comments

          Who doesn't love cute summer dresses?  Zapaka has really cute dresses and accessories that are vintage inspired.  They would be perfect for weddings or fun summer parties.  They seem to be vintage inspire, but with a modern twist.  They don't feel dated.  I've always love a cute vintage style for as long as I can remember.  Many of the dresses include details like lace, flowers, bows, and pearls. These are all of my favorite fashion elements, if you haven't been able to tell.  There are casual and more formal options.  They come in a large variety of patterns and designs.  I much say, there is a large variety of floral options, which I love so much! 
          I love these three items the most.  The first one is floral and I have a weakness for floral.  The style is casual enough that you could wear it as an everyday dress or dress it up.  I love this white dress as well.  If you are having a laid back wedding, it would make a super pretty wedding dress.  I just think it is beautiful, and so unique.  You could also just wear it to a dressy event.  Since it's white, I think it would be best to wear it in the summertime or spring.  Lastly, this purse is really beautiful.  The embellishment looks so ornate.  It's very original and looks like something you could find in a vintage shop.  
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