What I Wore in Chinatown L.A.

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Los Angeles
colorful building
bow sandals
Bruce Lee statue
 statue of Bruce Lee
Chinatown LA
paper lanterns
chinese architecture
Rolled ice cream
rolled ice cream from Ju & Wei 
Ramen Champ
Ramen from Ramen Champ
Then Hau Temple
Thien Hau Temple
DRESS: H&M  |  SUNGLASSES: T.J. Maxx  |  BACKPACK: Primark  |  SANDALS: H&M ($7 in store)  |  NECKLACE: Forever 21
          I've been wanting to check out Chinatown in L.A. since moving here 1.5 years ago and we finally went today.  We spent a good part of the day exploring.  We started out at the Thien Hau Temple, just because we saw it from a distance and wanted to see what it was.  It's a super pretty building.  I live the dragon carvings on the pillars.  Then we went to get lunch at Ramen Champ.  This was my first time trying ramen (don't ask me how, just never got around to it) and it was so tasty.  I love this place because it is really affordable and has a bunch of vegan options, and a big menu in general.  It had amazing reviews, so that's why we chose it.  After eating we did a little shopping and went over to the central area.  There are so many beautifully colorful buildings.  They are all super intricate with lanterns hanging overhead.  There was just some sort of celebration when we went to there was rainbow confetti (biodegradable) everywhere, which made it even more magical.  Lastly, we stopped by Ju & Wei for rolled ice cream.  I had been wanting to try that too.  It's so fun to eat!  If you go to L.A. you can't miss Chinatown.  
          I decided to wear this floral dress with these bow sandals.  I got both of them on sale at H&M.  Although neither of them fit perfectly, I love how they look.  I just got the sandals a few days ago because I lost a pair of mine at the beach last weekend.  I dropped one at a surf competition and never found it.  I decided to wear my horn necklace with this dress because I think it goes well with the neckline.  

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