Botanical Tee

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T-SHIRT: Target  |  JEANS: H&M  |  SHOES: Target (similar)  |  CARDIGAN: H&M  |  EARRINGS: Nordstrom Rack (similar)  |  SUNGLASSES: TJ Maxx (similar)
          I've been seeing these shirts with flowers on them everywhere for the past year or two and I had been wanting one really badly.  I am a huge flower lover and I think they are so cute.  They have the names of the flowers, like some sort of chart.  I think I just never really came across one at the right time or maybe they were too expensive, but I finally got one.  This one is from Target.  I just paired it with the same mom jeans that I wear too often.  My husband and I discovered this park today and had to stop.  It's pretty close to our new apartment so I will probably be blogging here from time to time.  It has a cute little garden, a pond, and some other things.  Also, I am planning on getting a puppy soon, so I can't wait to take him here.  I don't know the name of it, but it's in Manhattan Beach, CA.


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V-Day 2020

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SWEATER: Cynthia Rowley  |  HEADBAND: H&M (similar)
          Hopefully everybody had a really nice Valentines Day! I worked a half day and wore this cute outfit.  I wanted to take some more pictures of it, but I never got the chance.   We moved this weekend, so I was super busy.  Although, we did manage to eat out at one of my favorite restaurants.  My husband also brought home these pretty flowers and donuts!  
          I found this sweater recently and fell in love.  The quality is amazing.  It's super stretchy, thick, and soft.  I don't really know how else to explain it but it feels so nice.  It's by Cynthia Rowley.  I knew it would be perfect for V-Day, paired with this headband.  Obviously the color scheme goes with the holiday.  I also really love how it comes to a point in the front and back.  It's kind of hard to see in this photo but it just has a diamond shape with the coloring.  


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Purple Pom Pom Sweater

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SWEATER: Forever 21  |  JEANS: H&M  |  HAIR CLIPS: H&M (similar)  |  SHOES: Target (similar)  |  BACKPACK: Ted Baker London
          Happy Sunday.  I've been wearing this sweater so much lately! I got it for Christmas.  It's no longer available but I was immediately drawn to it because of the bobbles.  I love anything with pom poms.  Sweaters like this are actually pretty difficult to find too.  They are normally pretty expensive, so when I come across one, I don't buy it.  This one is also such a pretty color.  I've been loving this lilac color lately.  It's one of my favorite colors.  It also came in white, which would have been more practical but I couldn't resist the purple.  It's been pretty chilly lately so I have been living in sweaters.  I added these pearl hair clips because they seem festive for Valentines Day.  I always get really excited for V-Day because it's such a pretty/happy holiday.  I don't know how to explain it because most holidays are "happy".  I don't think we will do much this year for the holiday because we are moving really soon so I will have to pack.  We are moving closer to LA because my commute is too long.  I'm really excited to move and I will be sure to do posts about it in the future. 


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Honeybee Gardens Cosmetics

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Blush  |  Mascara 
          I recently acquired these makeup products by Honeybee Gardens from my job.  My work had a bunch of samples that they were done with so they let us choose the ones we wanted.  I had never heard of this brand and wanted to test it out.  It's a natural and organic brand that doesn't test on animals, and all of that other good stuff.  I am always looking for more natural makeup brands.  First off, this post isn't so much a review as it is me wondering if anybody has tried this brand and telling you a bit of what I think.  I'm not sure what stores sell it and like I said, I haven't seen it before.  Let me know if you have tried it, or use it regularly.
          I have tested out everything except the hair spray.  I don't use hair spray that often but it's nice to have on hand.  I really like the eyeshadows because they are really nice colors and seem to be pretty good quality.  I am not that experienced with makeup and normally do the same look every day so I can't say much.  The blush is super pigmented but it's a really nice color.  You can only us a tiny bit though.  I used my normal technique and looked like a china doll.  It's kind of strange because it's very similar to the color that I use everyday.  I'm not really sure why so much color shows up.  As for the mascara, I wasn't the biggest fan.  It didn't really seem to do anything.  Perhaps it is dried out.  It just kind of seemed like it made no difference to my lashes.  I am interested in trying more products from this brand in the future.  As for now, i'm not really sure what I think.


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