50 Entertainment Ideas for Social Distancing

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Anything involving leaving your home is meant to be done at a distance (min 6 feet, preferably more) from others.
1.  Have a picnic with a family member
2.  Watch that classic movie you always hear people talking about, but have never seen
3.  Learn to sew.  Basic alterations can be so useful
4.  Spring Cleaning
5.  Socialize through a webcam or FaceTime
6.  Take your dog on a walk
7.  Get your favorite takeout
8.  Read the books you bought, but never read
9.  Call a friend or relative
10.  Play a board game or card game
11.  File your taxes
12.  Have a spa night
13.  Build a fort
14.  Sell used clothing on Poshmark
15.  Practice your painting skills
16.  Try a new recipe
17.  Teach your pet a new trick
18.  Start a new TV show
19.  Meditate
20.  Organize your jewelry, shoes, and accessories
21.  Bake something
22.  Decorate for Easter
23.  Shop online
24.  De-clutter
25.  Wash your car
26.  Plan for your future, or the dreams you want to pursue
27.  Yoga
28.  Go for a bike ride
29.  Fly a kite
30.  Play a video game
31.  Start an Instagram page for your pet (mine is @pompuppyluca)
32.  Start a TikTok (it seems like everybody is doing this, lol)
33.  Go for a run
34.  Research and plan a future vacation, just don't book anything yet
35.  Do some gardening
36.  Practice photography
37.  Do an at-home workout
38.  DIY the day away
39.  Catch up on podcasts
40.  Go for a hike
41.  Finish your heaping laundry pile
42.  Start a blog or YouTube channel
43.  Pinterest
44.  Plan an at-home date with your significant other
45.  Play a drinking game with whomever is of age and you are spending time with (not friends)
46.  Take a walk on an empty beach
47.  Come up with a financial plan
48.  Learn a foreign language
49.  Delete old emails, unwanted photos on your phone, or clean your computer desktop
50.  Research a topic you are interested in


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We Got a New Puppy!

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white pomeranian

manhattan beach
First time to the beach (just walked on the path)
sleepy puppy

White pom puppy

dogs first walk
First proper walk
          My husband and I have been looking for a Pomeranian puppy for a couple of weeks.  I've been wanting a dog since we moved to California two years ago.  We moved recently and made sure to get a new place that allows pets.  We had planned to go to Japan right now for our first year wedding anniversary (March 29th) but obviously that trip got canceled.  Instead, we wanted to celebrate our anniversary with a new family member.  We thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate.  We found him on AKC.org.  Of course, it would be nice to adopt from a shelter but shelters in California are super expensive and it would be very difficult to find a pom puppy.  He is now 11 weeks old and is so loving and cute.  He has a ton of energy and such a funny personality.  His name is Luca and if you want to follow him, I made an Instagram page @pompuppyluca.  I plan on doing a part two of this post with some more photos and updates from time to time.


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Topanga State Park

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TOP: H&M  |  JEANS: H&M  |  SNEAKERS: Ked's  |  NECKLACES: H&M  |  EARRINGS: Nordstrom's Rack Sample Sale (similar)  |  SUNGLASSES: T. J. Maxx (similar)
           Hello! First off, I need to say that these photos were taken with my phone so I am sorry that they aren't the best quality.  I don't like to bring my big camera on hikes.  This past weekend we went hiking at Topanga State Park.  This was our second time visiting.  Last time it was late summer and it was super hot and we said we wanted to return in the spring to finish the same hike we had started.  We walked to a waterfall that had a very slow trickle, but it was still a beautiful hike.  I don't know the name of this exact hike but it is one of the more popular trails.  This is a mountainous park so you are surrounded by rocky cliffs and valleys.  There were lots of flowers starting to pop up all over the place because it's almost spring.  I kept having to stop at each flower bush because they were making me so happy!  We recently moved closer so I think we will be back from time to time.  You have to pay to get in but there is a lot of free street parking just outside.  I am wearing this super basic outfit that is mostly from H&M.  I got this white, ribbed knit t-shirt last weekend.  I love it because it is super comfortable and much better quality than other basic t-shirts.  They are affordable and from the conscious collection.  I also have a black one.  


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Puffy Sleeve Trend

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OVERALLS: Kensie  |  TOP: Rachel Parcell  |  SHOES: Target (similar)  |  PURSE: Coach
I have always loved puffy sleeves.  It's been so long since I have worn them because they haven't been in style for a while.  I think everybody got sick of them.  They are starting to come back, though.  I love this shirt because it has puffy sleeves and ruffles on top.  It's made of super pretty eyelet lace fabric.  I think it looks so cute underneath overalls.  I feel like the silhouettes complement each other really well.  We have been exploring our new area recently and went to the beach twice this weekend here, in Manhattan Beach.  


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