What I Use My Belt Bag For

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TOP: Zara  |  JEANS: Asos  |  BELT BAG: H&M (similar)  |  SNEAKERS: Target
          I have always been an advocate for belt bags or fanny packs, ever since I was little.  They are so convenient.  Over the years I have heard a lot of people kind of laugh at them.  Honestly, I don't understand.  I don't think they look funny at all.  I don't even wear them ironically.  My opinion of the people that laugh at them is that if they think something so simple is strange, then they must have no imagination or creativity at all.  They are so convenient and cute.  I got this belt bag from H&M last summer.  I was going to a music festival and wanted to have something convenient to hold all my necessities.  They are really perfect for any occasion where you don't want to have a purse swinging around, but you need to bring stuff.  I also wear one whenever I go hiking or for long walks.  I don't like to style it diagonally over the shoulder (the more modern way), because it's not as convenient.  Some other occasions you could make use of yours are: bike riding, exercising, shopping, doing hands on work outdoor if you aren't at home, or walking your dog.  If you haven't seen my older post about them check that out.  I sold my older one because the color didn't match a lot of my clothes.  

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  1. These pictures are so beautiful! I absolutely love bags like that as well. It's nice to have everything you need in such a hands free way. Plus, it doesn't hurt your shoulder like a heavy purse would!
    the creation of beauty is art.


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