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Big Bear in the Summer

7:02:00 PM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

TOP: H&M (still available in stores)  |  JEANS: ASOS  |  BAG: Walmart  |  SUNGLASSES: Zero U.V. (similar)
       This past weekend we went back to Big Bear Lake.  It's one of those places that i've wanted to bring my future dog to.  Now that I have one, we can take him.  It's a little mountain town, surrounding a lake in southern California.  We have been there twice before, once in Winter and once in Fall.  It's nice because the weather actually changes there so if we want to remember what seasons feel like, we can go.  There are a bunch of hiking trails around the lake and in the mountains, a cute downtown with shops and restaurants, lake activities, and a ski resort (for winter).  The lake itself isn't all that great.  It's a bit dirty and small but the surroundings are beautiful.  We went for a hike, ate sandwiches by the lake, and walked around town.  
       My outfit is pretty new.  I did a little bit of online shopping during quarantine.  I have been needing some new things for summer.  I got this top from H&M in the sale section.  I love it so much! The fit is perfect and the print is super cute.  I love the ruching on the sleeves.  They recently changed their sizing so be careful if you are buying online.  I used to wear a small and now I wear extra small or extra-extra small.  Basically, size down one or two sizes.  I bought a bunch of stuff online and had to return every single thing.  Then, I went into the store to buy this.  One more thing about H&M, the shipping has been taking an eternity lately because of pretty obvious reasons.  Online it says that it will take 9-14 days but it will actually take about a month.  Just keep that in mind if you buy anything for summer.  My order took 36 days to get to me.  


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Loverbeauty Shapewear and Plus Size Dresses

11:44:00 PM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

 has an array of plus size dresses for summer and shapewear at an affordable price.  If you are looking for a nice new dress and something to wear underneath be sure to check out the site.  They also have non-plus size clothing as well if that is your fit. 

I know it can be hard to find plus size options that are flattering and affordable.  Like I said, Loverbeauty has affordable, trendy plus size clothing.  There are a lot of cute ones but I chose to highlight this black dress because it's the perfect LBD.  It's plus sized and really good for any occasion.  The fabric is pretty and flow-y.  I think the shoulder cut-outs add a nice detail.  The tie around the waist accentuates the waistline.  Also, black is a slimming color.  You could wear it anywhere.  That's the beauty of a little black dress.  They are good for any occasion.  This one is casual enough to wear during the day or to a party. 
          I've never used shapewear myself, but I've always been interested in it.  I think it would be so convenient for a special occasion to pop on underneath a dress or something when you want to look slimmer.  They are like modern corsets.  This one looks really easy to use.  Loverbeauty has the best affordable shapewear.  There are a ton of options.  I have heard from a previous job that I worked at that it can be difficult to find shape wear.  I though some people may want to know about other options.  
          I love this dress because it's floral and a really pretty blue color.  If you know me, you know that I am a huge fan of floral print.  I have been a long time fan of blue as well.  It's my favorite color.  The shape of this dress is very flattering.  The wrap style is made to elongate the body.  It's especially elongating on the neckline because it's a "v" shape.  Also, the fact that it's a maxi, kind of helps to elongate the body.  Basically it's the perfect cute and flattering dress for summer.  You can find many more cheap plus size summer dresses on the site that are just as nice.  


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First Day of Summer at Kenneth Hahn Park

8:30:00 PM Andrea Ryan 1 Comments

TOP: Thrifted (Acemi)  |  JEANS: H&M  |  SNEAKERS: Target  |  BACKPACK: Ted Baker London  |  SUNGLASSES: Zero UV (similar)
          Today my husband, puppy, and I went back to the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area to hike some of the trails.  Last time we went there we did everything else.  Check out my first post if you want to know what else there is to do.  We thought it would be a fun thing to do on the first day of summer.  It's not warm enough to go to the beach.  It was pretty crowded because of Father's Day but it was still super fun.  I wore this top that I thrifted.  I picked it up because I love the lace pattern.  It's so pretty.  I thought about making it into something else because it's slightly too big.  Instead, I just wove a ribbon through the neckline, synched it in a little bit, and tied it in a bow.  I really like how it turned out but I might use a black ribbon instead.  


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Some of the Best Spots in Southern California

10:31:00 PM Andrea Ryan 1 Comments

          Almost two and a half years ago my husband (then fiancé) and I moved from Indiana to California and since then, we have visited several fun destinations.  We have done a lot of exploring.  I haven't been everywhere and still have a ton to see but these are my favorite spots so far.  I have broken them up into 4 categories: beaches, views, parks, and hikes.  There is some overlap but that's okay.

1000 Steps Beach in Laguna
This beach is on the south end of Laguna.  It has free street parking (get there early) and is pretty large.  You walk down what seems to be 1000 steps to reach the beach.  I think it's actually less than that but I'm not sure of the actual number.  I recommend leaving most of your beach supplies at home.
Crystal Cove
This beach is massive.  It's good because there is an abundance of parking but it's a little pricy.  It's $5 per hour or $15 for the day.  It's a beautiful beach.
Victoria Beach in Laguna
This beach also has free street parking if you get there early enough.  It is pretty large and has a cool tower that one of the residents build a while ago.  It is a popular photo spot.  There is no restroom here.
La Jolla Cove
This is a very popular spot and parking can be difficult but it's well worth the visit.  It's a beautiful little cove in San Diego.  There are tons of sea lions lounging on the rocks and swimming around.  If you want to see sea lions this is a great spot because they are always here.  I have been at least 5 times and never not seen any.
Manhattan Beach
This beach is very large and has clean sand.  It's one of the better beaches in the LA area.  Many of those beaches are crowded and have dirty looking water.  I prefer this beach to Santa Monica and Venice.
Newport Beach Municipal Beach
In my opinion, this beach is ideal.  Most times I have been there the water was crystal clear and blue. Since moving here I haven't surfed but I really want to surf here.  I am planning on getting a cheap board this summer.
Coronado Beach, San Diego
I have only been here once but when I was here it seemed to be the best San Diego beach.  It's very large, like huge! There is plenty of room for all of the crowds that come.  There is also free street parking.


Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Culver City
This is a little park that has a hill with stairs going straight up the front, a trail to the top, and a road to the top.  A lot of people use it for exercise but I like the views.  It overlooks Santa Monica and Los Angeles.  You can even see the Hollywood Sign in the distance.
Catalina Island
You have to take a boat or ferry to get here but it's well worth it.  It feels like someplace in Europe.  The colorful buildings all over the hills, against the contrasting bright blue water are amazing.  There are several different pretty view points.  My favorite is from the boat when you arrive.
Badlands Park, Laguna
This is a park in a neighborhood, at the top of the hills.  It overlooks the ocean and all of the beaches.  There are some walking paths and picnic tables.  You can see so much, including Catalina Island.  There are many similar parks to this place in Laguna but I haven't been to any of the others.
Griffith Observatory
This is another really popular spot.  I don't recommend it on weekends but it's really beautiful.  You can drive to the parking lot at the top or park for free at the bottom and hike up.  The walk up isn't super difficult.  It's amazing for sunset.  This spot over looks all of Los Angeles and has a great view of the Hollywood Sign.  Be sure to check out the observatory itself.
This is a much smaller hill with a lookout but it's pretty as well.  You can see the ocean on one side and the city on the other.  It's worth it if you are nearby but I wouldn't travel too far to visit.  It's also great for sunset.  
Sunset Cliffs Natural Park
These are cliffs near San Diego that are right on the ocean.  You can park along the street.  It's a nice place to go and watch the waves.  There are also some caves.
The Flower Fields
The Flower Fields are a pretty popular place to go and take photos or just appreciate the ranunculus.  There are a variety of colors and they are beautiful.  They are one of my favorite flowers and what my wedding bouquet mostly consisted of.  There is a fee to get in but it's worth it once in a while.
Keys View, Joshua Tree National Park
This is a lookout at Joshua Tree.  you can see super far.  It overlooks the Coachella Valley and the San Andreas fault.  It's nice because you can drive right up to it.
Cabrillo National Monument
This National Monument is really nice.  From the main lookout point you can see all of San Diego and really far over the ocean.  You can even see Mexico.  It's a nice park to hike and see some tide pools too.  There is a fee to enter.


Big Bear Lake in the fall
There are a bunch of trails surrounding Big Bear Lake.  They are especially pretty during fall because the leaves change color a little bit.  You have to stop by the Discovery Center to get a parking pass or use a National Park Pass if you have one.
Hidden Valley Trail at Joshua Tree National Park
In my opinion, this is the best trail at Joshua Tree.  It is super scenic with all of the boulders surrounding the path.  It's a pretty short loop.  Like every National Park, there is an entrance fee.
Pelican Cove Park, Rancho Palos Verdes
Pelican Cove Park has a trail that goes along the coast, through a resort to a beach.  There is a sea cave at the end.  It's not that strenuous of a hike, mostly just pretty.  Parking is free and never hard to find.
Red Rock Canyon Trail, Whiting Ranch (Currently Closed because of mountain lion attacks)
These trails are really nice.  The Canyon is kind of a pinkish/red color.  You can't walk amongst the canyon very much because the trail ends when you get to the red canyon.  It's still worth the hike.  Beware: there are tons of snake holes and mountain lions are often spotted.  It is currently closed but I thought I would mention it anyway.
Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore (during poppy season)
This has become a super popular park, since social media but if you are able to check out the poppy bloom, I recommend it.  Go as early as possible to get parking.  It's a bit unpredictable when there will be a super bloom but you can hike year round too.
Ocean Trails Reserve, Rancho Palos Verdes
These ocean side trails are really nice for getting some exercise and spotting marine life.  The parking lot is a bit tricky to find, but it's down La Rotonda Dr. near the Trump Gulf course
Hollywood Hills trails
There are plenty of trails all over the Hollywood Hills.  The views overlook Los Angeles and it's beautiful.  It can get very hot because there is no shade in a lot of the areas so I recommend only hiking if the temperature is below 75 degrees.
Mt. San Jacinto State Park, Palm Springs
This is a state park at the top of a mountain.  I don't have the name of any trails but there are plenty of good ones.  It's very pretty.  You have to take the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to get up to the state park.
A short, pretty easy hike to a nice waterfall.  This trail wasn't crowded when I went.  It is nicer than other, more popular hikes to waterfalls in the National Forest.  The water is cleaner.  I'm pretty sure you need a parking pass but when we went they weren't checking because of Covid-19.


Disneyland Park
I probably don't need to talk about why Disneyland is so great but I am a huge Disney fan so I feel like I have to mention it.  Of course it's best to go on a weekday during the off season to make the most of it.  Make sure to download the app so that you can view wait times of all the rides and get fast passes.  Last time I went we were able to go on basically every ride because of these two features.
San Diego Zoo
This is my favorite zoo that I have ever been to.  It's really large and full of animals.  Some zoos have a bunch of empty exhibits.  It's also super clean and has an aerial tram that takes you from one side of the park to the other.  It's free so you can take it as many times as you need to.  It's a bit expensive to get in but parking is free and it's well worth it.
Balboa Park, San Diego
This park is right next to the San Diego Zoo.  I think the zoo is technically inside it but it's huge and has a bunch to do.  There are lots of gardens and pretty sitting areas.  It's hard to explain but you have to check it out.  It's free to get in and park.
El Dorado Regional Park, Long Beach
This park is very large.  One side has trails and a nature center.  The other side has a bunch of other things.  There are multiple ponds, a dog park, a place to fly a drone, picnic spots, and tons of other things.  The price varies by day but it's around $7 to enter.
Point Vicente Interpretive Center
This spot is near the Point Vicente Lighthouse.  It's on sea cliffs with paths that go along the shore.  There is a little museum and gift shop.  It's a really amazing place to whale watch.  You can borrow binoculars and watch for whales and dolphins.
Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
This photo doesn't really do this place justice, it's the only photo I have.  This park is marshland near the ocean, on the other side of PCH.  It's a protected area for the local bird species.  There are paths going everywhere.  It's interesting to see all of the bird species feeding on fish.
Huntington Beach Central Park
This park is right next to the Public Library in Huntington Beach.  It has a bunch of nice paths and a pretty garden.  There is also a little pond.  It kind of reminds me of the parks in London because there is a cafe inside too.


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Mint Green Ruffle Tee

10:27:00 PM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

TOP: Target (available in store)  |  JEANS: Asos  |  SNEAKERS: Ked's  |  SUNGLASSES: Zero UV (similar)
          I was shopping at Target this weekend, looking for some basic necessities, and I came across this cute top in the clearance section.  It was too cute to pass up, especially for such a good deal.  I recently did a closet clear-out and was checking to see what items I was lacking in my wardrobe and decided that I needed a green top.  I have a pair of embroidered jeans and don't have a lot to wear with them.  When I got home I realized that the top that I bought was exactly what I needed, I had just forgotten.  It is super cozy and cute.  I love the color.  It reminds me of Laduree.  I paired it with these mom jeans (which I have grown to hate) and my favorite opal necklace.  The jeans just don't fit me properly and I have ordered some replacements, just waiting on them.
          We came across this beautiful garden today.  It's next to a dog park that we have been wanting to go to.  With all of the horrible and beautiful things going on in the country, my dog hasn't really gotten a ton of exercise this week.  We finally got him out to play with other dogs.  Although the dog park isn't my favorite one, at least it's next to this garden.


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