Mint Green Ruffle Tee

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TOP: Target (available in store)  |  JEANS: Asos  |  SNEAKERS: Ked's  |  SUNGLASSES: Zero UV (similar)
          I was shopping at Target this weekend, looking for some basic necessities, and I came across this cute top in the clearance section.  It was too cute to pass up, especially for such a good deal.  I recently did a closet clear-out and was checking to see what items I was lacking in my wardrobe and decided that I needed a green top.  I have a pair of embroidered jeans and don't have a lot to wear with them.  When I got home I realized that the top that I bought was exactly what I needed, I had just forgotten.  It is super cozy and cute.  I love the color.  It reminds me of Laduree.  I paired it with these mom jeans (which I have grown to hate) and my favorite opal necklace.  The jeans just don't fit me properly and I have ordered some replacements, just waiting on them.
          We came across this beautiful garden today.  It's next to a dog park that we have been wanting to go to.  With all of the horrible and beautiful things going on in the country, my dog hasn't really gotten a ton of exercise this week.  We finally got him out to play with other dogs.  Although the dog park isn't my favorite one, at least it's next to this garden.

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  1. These flowers are so gorgeous. What a beautiful place! I also love this outfit. That top is really fantastic.
    the creation of beauty is art.


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